The Only Long Term Care Questions You Need To Ask Yourself:

If something were to happen to me, if I became disabled…
Who would take care of me?
How would I pay for that care?

Let’s Face It, No One Wants to Think About Long Term Care

The fact is, however, that at some point between now and the end of life, you’re likely
to be unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time due to:


That’s something to think about in the future, when I’m old, right? I exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m barely into middle age. I’m fine for the foreseeable future.

Not Necessarily…

long-term-care-planningTrue story: Debbie, an active and healthy single professional in her early 50s , was an expert skier when she fell, shattering her hip. FOR ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR after her release from the hospital and rehab center, Debbie used a walker for assistance and required Long Term Care to help with her most basic activities of daily living – dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and housekeeping.


“Eating and exercising right” can’t guarantee an independent life to the end. The need for Long Term Care can happen at any time, and the risk increases as you age.

long-term-care-plan.At 78, Louise suffered a stroke and depended on Frank, her husband of 55 years to care for her. However, two years later Frank, then 85, began developing rapidly progressing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and soon was neither able to care for himself nor Louise. Moving to a nursing facility was unacceptable, as the couple would have been separated due to the difference in the type and level of care needed, and neither Frank nor Louise would agree to that separation so late in life. In-home Long Term Care was the best option for them.


Unlike in previous generations, today we can’t always depend on family members for care.

  • Families often live great distances apart.
  • Adult children and siblings are overwhelmed with the demands of their own lives and careers.
  • Record numbers of older adults are single, without children, and live alone.
  • “Boomers” tend to be independent and don’t want to be a “burden” on their children.

Without Proper Planning, the Financial Drain Can Be Disastrous.

Long Term Care is costly. Without a plan in place to pay for it, you will have to tap into, and possibly deplete; your savings, your retirement account, even the equity in your home. In other words, everything you spent your life accumulating.

“But my health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid (MediCal) will cover this, won’t it?”

Rarely …

What most people don’t know:

Long Term Care Costs are not usually covered by your health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid! If you want to be able to stay in your home or assisted living facility, Long Term Care Insurance is the most viable option. Click here to receive the Official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook.

The Most Cost Effective Way to Plan for Long Term Care is by enrolling in a long term care insurance (LTCi) plan.

The Best Time to Start that Plan is NOW!

  • long-term-care-insuranceTo be eligible for LTCi, you must be healthy at the time you apply. Illness or injury can happen at anytime. Why risk waiting and becoming ineligible?
  • The younger you are at the time of application, the lower your premiums will be throughout the duration of the plan.
  • Premium rates significantly increase in your 50’s.

Save Money and Lock In Eligibility by Applying ASAP!

Want to know which plan is right for you?

What it will cost?

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