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True story: Debbie, an active and healthy single professional in her early 50s , was an expert skier when she fell, shattering her hip. FOR ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR after her release from the hospital and rehab center, Debbie used a walker for assistance and required Long Term Care to help with her most basic activities of daily living – dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and housekeeping.

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I understand, from first-hand experience what LTCi means...

Three of my grandparents needed long term care. My father’s parents had no savings and lived out their final days in a MediCal Skilled Nursing Facility. Visiting them there made a lasting impression upon me as a young child, and I also saw how emotionally difficult it was for my father, who was just starting his teaching career, had a young family, and did not have the funds or time to improve his parent’s situation.

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Without Proper Planning, the Financial Drain Can Be Disastrous.

Long Term Care is costly.

Without a plan to pay for it, you'll have to tap into, and possibly deplete; your savings, your retirement account, even the equity in your home. In other words, everything you accumulated over your lifetime is at risk.

“But my health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid (MediCal) will cover this, won’t it?”