Jody’s Story:

In 1999, after 20 successful years in public accounting and corporate management as a CPA, it was time for a change. I left my position as a Corporate Vice President of Finance and Operations to fulfill my desire to help people with Long Term Care Planning, a need I saw first-hand in my own family.

Three of my grandparents needed long term care. My father’s parents had no savings and lived out their final days in a MediCal Skilled Nursing Facility. Visiting them there made a lasting impression upon me as a young child, and I also saw how emotionally difficult it was for my father, who was just starting his teaching career, had a young family, and did not have the funds or time to improve his parent’s situation.

Many years later, my maternal grandmother needed long term care at age 90. As the CPA in the family, it was my job to review her financial situation and determine the best course of action, so that Grandma Jane would not run out funds. I learned first-hand that, without a Long Term Care plan in place, financial considerations become the first priority and quality of life preferences come second.

Through these experiences I became passionate about helping families and individuals talk about and plan for long term care. It is a situation that affects almost every family at some time, so please let me help you find the best plan for quality care that makes the most sense for your--- and your family’s--- financial situation and lifestyle.

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Jody is a recognized expert in Long Term Care planning and has been interviewed by many media outlets including the San Diego Union-Tribune, KUSI-TV and several radio stations.  She is in demand as a speaker and educator and shares her knowledge at workshops and seminars. Through her consultancy Jody has helped thousands of families benefit from her expertise and avoid the heartaches, as well as headaches, resulting from lack of planning for Long Term Care.

“Jody did such a great job of explaining our options. Her vast knowledge, personal experience and logical approach really appealed to my husband. He hadn’t really wanted to discuss long term health care planning, however listening to Jody, he realized that we needed this insurance immediately to secure our retirement future”.

Mr. & Mrs. P. Retired IBM executive

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A competitive body surfer, Jody credits her love for the ocean to her father. He continued to join her for the occasional swim until he was 87 years old.


She lives in Encinitas and is actively involved in her community and in the following organizations:
Community Resource
Windward Life
The George G. Glenner
California Partnership for Long Term
American Assoc. for Long Term Care
University of California San Diego Retirement

“For the past 10 years, Jody has provided top-notch educational seminars for current and retired UC San Diego faculty and staff. I have been impressed not only with her thorough knowledge of every aspect of her industry and the many issues involved in making the best long term care choices but also with her commitment to providing assistance and proper guidance to all who are interested in being fully-informed. She has consistently gone above and beyond by providing policy reviews for members who have already completed their long term care planning. She is a consummate caring professional, and we are fortunate to have her as part of our professional partners team.”

Susan Cioffi, Director
UCSD Emeriti & Retirement Associations